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Bringing a customer mindset to results driven Product Management

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About me

I'm a business results driven Product Lead currently leading a team of 6 Product Managers responsible for product pages at (~40% of total site visits).  For fun, I'm also CPO for a 3 person start up called Retro Rabbit looking to make Agile Retrospectives more effective.  Previously, I was responsible for Trunk Club's native iOS and Android app experiences (58% of revenue).  Before Trunk Club, I was responsible for the cart and checkout experience at Vistaprint ($1.7B in annual revenues).


Focus Areas

Product Management  Scrum 
Agile Methodologies 

 Competitive Analysis  Product Marketing

Entrepreneurship    Analytics  Search Engine Optimization


I advise individuals, companies
and Non Profit Organizations on eCommerce

With 6+ years of Product Management and Product Marketing experience focused on eCommerce conversion optimization, I can help.  I have worked on everything from Homepages and landing pages, all the way through checkout.  No matter the platform; web, mobile optimized web, and native (iOS and Android) applications, I've been there.  Want help increasing conversion or bringing new features to life?  Let me know!

Need guidance developing your Product Management skillset to get into or grow your Product journey?  While at Vistaprint, I was able to found the Vistaprint Product Management guild which got its 30+ members together bi weekly to learn more and grow as product managers.  I have helped countless people think about strategic ways to get into product, or expand their product management skill set.  If you want help or guidance getting into product, let me know!



Where I've been Published


Mind The Product

 The world's largest community of product managers, designers, and developers.


The Startup: Medium Publication

Medium's largest active publication, followed by +705K people. 


Work Today

Medium publication focused on surfacing ways to work better


Product Hood

A global community of product makers and professionals who love building launching growing and selling products


The Innovation: Medium Publication

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Design Thinking, Sustainability & Creativity.


Built In

Your go-to tech source. Discover the latest technology news, professional development resources and tech industry trends.


Data Driven Investor: Medium Publication

Uncovering how ordinary people can best utilize data to make better, more accurate and more informed decisions.


Winner of the 2020 Product Management Today MVP Award ranked 1st in the Agile Category

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